Ascot – Ladies Day – The Seven Year Itch



It’s Ladies Day and we’re taking inspiration from Hollywood’s all-time First Lady, Marilyn. Knowing our readers I’m sure we don’t need to spell out which iconic look has inspired day three? Yep, you guessed it! THE white dress.


Not only is Marilyn one of the THE most famous women in film history but we also learnt recently that she was a huge fan of legendary jazz singer (another of our idols) Ella Fitzgerald.  In 1955, Marilyn convinced the owner of her favourite nightclub ‘Mocambo’ in L.A. to lift the colour bar and allow Ella to perform there in return for her sitting on the front row every night that week. The knowledge that these two ladies were firm friends makes us so unbelievably happy. Ultimate girl power!



Today’s look, inspired by Seven Year Itch, left little room for dispute when it came to what style dress to wear; we had to draw on the iconic and unforgettable scene when Marilyn Monroe stands on the subway grate and her skirt get’s blown up in the wind. Whether you’ve seen the film or not, people are familiar with this moment of movie magic!

Unfortunately Royal Ascot’s Dress code prevents us from imitating the famous halter neck design but this gorgeous frock from ASOS does a pretty good job. The under-gathering gives us the same feel as Marilyn’s dress, whilst still maintaining a ‘greater than 1inch strap’. The shirt is full and blousy, perfect for catching any flurries of wind!  We adore them.

Fun fact: The original dress worn by Marilyn sold at auction in 2011 for $4.6m.




Jayne Elwell of The Libertarian Millinery has created six unique hats, each one inspired by a hat Marilyn herself wore. She is using satin and tulle, with a touch of netting, to create headpieces fit for any screen starlet.



We wanted to keep Ladies Day as classic, elegant and vintage as possible and really feel we’ve achieved this with the help of ASOS and Jayne.



By day three of our wonderful Ascot week we knew we would need a special pair of shoes to envelope our weary feet. Today we are wearing Jazz Heel Black Suede Court Shoes by designer Cleo B. They are an elegant, timeless style much like many of the shoes Marilyn Monroe wore.


Our stylist, Jo, had mentioned shoe designer Cleo B to us; specifically her unique shoe clips. As if by magic Meg found herself sat opposite Cleo at a Supper Club evening in London. We love Cleo’s shoe clips – they allow you to embellish your feet according to your mood, and are a perfect addition to our Tootsie style. We like to add a touch of fun wherever possible, exactly as Cleo advocates. Today we’ll be wearing Cleo B Hollywood Natalie Jet Clips to pay homage to Marilyn’s signature song Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend. We shall be serenading race goers with this ditty to match



We can certainly confirm that Carat London are a girl’s best friend.


Last year on a rainy day in London Town we met the Sunshine that is THE Lulu Guinness over breakfast. We already so much admiration for Lulu & her iconic brand BUT meeting the legend in person transformed that admiration firmly into love.

Lulu is the living, breathing personification of her brand. You will never catch her without her trademark red lipstick. She is inspirational & fun. A business titan with a naughty laugh. Quite simply everything you would hope she would be and so much more! Lulu started her design career creating beautiful colourful brief cases, but buyers wanted bags that were even more “Her”. Soon after the infamous flower basket was created & a brand was born.

Today is ladies day here at Royal Ascot & we will be wearing Lulu Guinness classic lip & lip stick clasp clutches. Not only are these pieces beautiful but the distinctive Dali-esque lips have been key in transporting the Surrealist art movement into mainstream popular culture.
Lulu still lives by the motto of her hero, the Surrealist artisan and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, ‘Dare to Be Different’ and the women who wear Lulu Guinness do just that!


Forever Red

The Tootsie Rollers | Photo by Adam Robertson

Tootsies are armed at all times with a small yet powerful tool. It’s inexpensive and small enough to fit in your pocket. If you aren’t feeling your best, need a dose of Dutch courage, or just want to add a splash of colour to your day, it will do the trick. It is to us what Harry Potter’s wand is to him.

Our prized and powerful piece of kit is our red lipstick. We would not face the dark side without it. Whether it’s Mac Ruby Woo or Russian Red you won’t catch a Tootsie without one in reach.

mac ruby woo
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After The Fall

We all saw it on Wednesday night… Pop icon Madonna falling down the stairs. Backwards. AT….THE…O2! We know you have watched THAT clip multiple times…

What we, The Tootsies, find interesting is that the snippets of Madge being shared & shared again on various forms of social media all stop a matter of seconds after she is back on her feet. We see the panicked fiddling with the ill fated cape’s fastening, the dancers spring into action and….BAM! Madonna is dragged backwards down the stairs. We then see a few petrified dancers help her to her feet, Madonna valiantly adjust the cape and…. End clip.  Meaning end of the story.  End of the humiliation. The joke is done. The end.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What happens next is the inspiring bit… Not only does she get up, she CARRIES ON! She doesn’t limp through the performance, she nails it! Surely THAT’S the story?! Continue reading