Get Tappy!

To us, Autumn feels like a warm up round for New Year; summer holiday vibes dispelled by the ‘back to school’ buzz when we all reboot for the run up to Christmas.  Temperatures drop and evenings become longer so indoor joy inducing activities are a NECESSITY!  We’re all feeling the clock change at the weekend. What better time to take up something new and invigorating to brighten the chilliest, darkest evenings. Right now may not be the traditional time for New Year resolutions, but it feels like as good a time as January to fire up and crack on! We’re not talking read more, cook more adventurously, go to the gym, see more plays, keep the house tidy. We’re talking about something that keeps you fit without you even realising it, distracts you from the biggest of worries, keeps your mind nimble, releases oodles of happy hormones, brings people together AND makes you feel like Fred Astaire:  TAP DANCING.

Fred Astaire

Have you watched the spectacular tapping in 42nd Street, currently on in London’s West End?  Was there part of you that wished you could do it?  Have you, like us, lapped up MGM tap films, mesmerised by the rhythms and mystical way it works?  If you have…STOP what you are doing, SEARCH tap classes in your area and SIGN UP!  


We met performing in Mack and Mabel, which features Jerry Herman’s show number Tap Your Troubles Away.  Herman didn’t lie when he wrote those lyrics; the focus required in tap class, combined with the rhythmic sounds, and joy of dance does melt away troubles for the duration.

Tap is as invigorating as it appears in dazzling 42nd Street when fifty dancers descend in shimmering gold.  Even the simplest of tap steps have therapeutic value; tap dancing is good for mind and body.  

No one is too old to put on tap shoes, however, it’s important you get the right pair.  Opt for a low heel as a beginner, despite temptation to go for an elegant show shoe!  

As highlighted by the show Stepping Out tap dancing is sociable and we’ve met some glorious characters on our tap travels.  Tap attracts and breeds FUN!  There is something unique about audibly moving in tandem with a group, creating the same rhythms with your feet to music you love.  Over the years Tootsies have taught routines to groups set to our own toe tapping tunes!  We have tapped our whole lives and simply love it. We value its broad, rarely acknowledged, benefits.  Tap is for everyone.

So, as Autumn eases out, don’t let yourself settle into your sofa… it’s a new season, resolutions start here. It the immortal words of Judy Garland (sort of): get tappy!

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