Because we Cannes, Cannes, Cannes!

When Tootsie Katy took the call to see if we were available to fly to Cannes and perform for a red carpet event on The Riveria, it took us about thirty seconds to free up our diaries and unanimously shout ‘oui, oui, oui!’

After poring over iconic Cannes Film Festival photos, we packed our glitziest frocks, largest cats-eye sunglasses, and boarded a flight a week later. Somehow we managed to do this ‘hand luggage only’ which we’re sure, Dear Readers, you will appreciate is incredibly difficult for a vintage loving girl living in a contemporary world… N.B. No petticoats were harmed in the packing of this trip.  Grace Kelly would have had to charter a whole plane with her eighty pieces of luggage and a poodle on her wedding trip to nearby Monaco!


Feeling the warm sun on our pin-curls as we touched down in Nice airport was a real treat and our wonderful host Marie whisked us off to Cannes for our soundcheck followed by a potted guided tour. It felt like we had stepped back in time gazing up at the stunning art deco architecture. Authentically chic, we felt a real buzz from the locals catching up over cafe au laits in restaurants lining the waterfront. Marie told us of the great excitement that takes over Cannes during the film festival and how she has hosted events on the yacht that was once part of Grace Kelly’s wedding celebrations. Talk about a dream Tootsie party!


That evening we headlined an event at The Hotel Martinez that saw people fly in from across the globe to party in vintage style.  Something we are always blown away by is the universal appeal of retro music.  The crowd were definitely up for a party and we met so many wonderful people after the show who all shared our love for the music that we are so passionate about performing together.


We finished the night walking the red carpet and reflecting on how our little business we started so many years ago from a kitchen in London had brought us overseas to a beautiful destination steeped in so much history and glamour.

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