Lady Jane Vintage make-up

We were so excited to see that Lady Jane Vintage has started her own cosmetics range. Not only is it beautiful to look at, the packaging is so retro kitsch and looks divine on our dressing tables, but we have found it’s also gorgeous to wear.

Here are some of our favourite products…


The foundation is free from preservatives, dyes and bismuth oxychloride. It contains
skin healing ingredients so is perfect for sensitive or blemish prone skin.

“The foundation makes your skin feel silky to touch.  I love that it’s helping my skin instead of clogging it, as regular foundations often do” Flo


“I LOVED the eyeliner. I’m a massive Coke fan so that helped… The brush isn’t too flimsy so helps you create a decent vintage line” Lisa


“The Cola liquid eyeliner gives a sleek line and pops a smile on your face – it’s the cutest packaging on the market!”  Meg


The lavender lipsticks are free from preservatives and contain vitamin E, jojoba and lavender oil. They are packaged in super-cute bamboo cases and also double up as a cream blusher.

“The Lady Jane lipstick is a subtle colour of red perfect for daytime wear.  I loved the lavender scent which made it feel incredibly soothing to wear” Anna


“The colour really pops and it lasted well” Katy


For more information you can visit

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