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As many of you will know, each year, October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. To mark this year’s campaign, we were absolutely thrilled and honoured to release our first ever single, Walk The Walk. Having worked with the Moonwalk charity over the past couple of years, it seemed only fitting that our first single should continue to support their incredible work. All profit from the song is going directly to the charity. We wrote ‘Walk The Walk’ last year with Hayley Sanderson and performed it at the start of the Moonwalk to over 30,000 excited walkers.

The lyrics are inspired by all the courageous women and men who train and fundraise tirelessly, before walking a gruelling marathon through the night, to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. The tempo is a steady walking pace, to allow walkers to listen and train at the same time!

On 20th October, the song became available for download on iTunes (and went straight to the top of the iTunes Jazz Chart!), and we hope it will continue to help spread the message and raise funds.

Here is the link


Walk the Walk Artwork

Breast cancer affects the lives of so many people in this world. The Tootsies are incredibly passionate about supporting the fight against this potentially deadly disease. We would like to share the story of Tootsie Anna and her best friend Charlotte.



Photo by Lauren Mclean
Photo by Lauren Mclean

My best friend Charlotte was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, at the age of 30. It was a massive shock. She was a week away from the wedding of her dreams and no-one could believe the news.

She went ahead with the wedding which was a beautiful and highly emotional day. The vows in particular had so much weight to them and Charlotte, her husband, her family and friends all rallied together to try and make the day as perfect as she had always planned.



The day after the wedding, The Tootsies sang at The Moonwalk event in London. The atmosphere in the tent was electric with inspiring men and women readying themselves to start the walk. We sang our Walk the Walk single with the lyrics behind us which had the 30,000 strong crowd singing along with us. Nina, the founder of the Charity, led a one minute silence dedicated to all those affected by breast cancer and the individuals the walkers were walking for. Holding hands with the lovely strangers next to me, in that moment it impacted on me how many people are affected by this cruel disease. I also realised just how many people were there to support those going through it, to raise money to help beat it. I wished Charlotte had been there to hold hands with us and to feel that support and hope.

Photo by Dave Coles
Photo by Dave Coles

After her wedding she started her chemotherapy. The treatment was gruelling but Charlotte wouldn’t let it get her down. She set up a jewellery business to help see her through the months she needed to take off work and, in between her sessions, she promoted her gorgeous jewels which started being ordered by celebrities.


There were days when she couldn’t get out of bed, and as a friend I felt pretty helpless. Wanting to be there and being frustrated that I couldn’t make it all better. We decided to focus on the small things, in the hope that it would make her smile and make her day better. We sent her gifts, made her a video montage of all her friends telling a joke and Tootsie videos of us being silly and singing her favourite songs. Throughout it all Charlotte stayed so positive and the fight in her shone through. I am still in awe of her. She’s a real life super hero.

After a year of treatment we were absolutely over the moon to hear she had the all clear. We celebrated last week by going for a beautiful lunch at The Savoy Hotel and toasting one of the most brilliant and bravest ladies I know.

Since returning to work Charlotte has decided to donate all the profits from her Eva May Jewellery to Breast Cancer Research. Please go to her website for more information (we’re big fans!) www.evamayjewels.com


Despite all that the last year has thrown at me and my loved ones, it has for me really crystallised one idea in my mind. I am lucky.

Yes, this situation is nothing if not absurd. I just turned 30, I have no family history of Breast Cancer and I don’t smoke or drink and have never taken drugs… Things like this are not supposed to happen to people like me.

My mam kept telling me over and over again that she wished that it was her instead of me. I don’t. I am young, strong and otherwise healthy. I knew I was going to come out of this just fine.

I was also so thoroughly and completely surrounded by love, support and offers of help from the most amazing group of friends, coworkers and family that it just blows me away. Every time I get a text message from someone telling me they are thinking about me and sending good vibes and asking to help, I feel stronger. When I got scared about what the coming months would hold, I would just think about how I have easy access to all the hugs, company, good vibes, home-cooked meals, rides to appointments, pictures of puppies, hand holding, hair cuts, jokes, amazing Tootsie videos and snuggles that a person in recovery could possibly need. I knew my friends were there and I knew that I could get through whatever was heading my way because of that.

Where did this positivity come from? It comes from people like you. People who donate their time to raise money and above all show their love and support when people like me just want to be dark and defeatist and wallow in self pity.  My Oncologist would always talk of new research that was happening, research that people had donated money to fund, research that was saving my life!


Now my story is just one, one of millions. It’s a sad story, a story I can’t believe is actually mine – but I have met so many women (and a few men) suffering from Breast Cancer and their stories are equally as heartbreaking. I will just be forever grateful to Breast Cancer Awareness and will spend my life helping to find a cure so that my story is never repeated and that all a 30 year old bride has to worry about is who’s getting too drunk from their free bar on their wedding day as opposed to worrying if they will actually see in their 1st year anniversary!



Our Walk the Walk single was released on October 20th, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All of our proceeds are going straight to the Walk the Walk Charity so please show your support and download it on iTunes today.

For more information about Walk the Walk Charity please visit http://www.walkthewalk.org

Twitter and Instagram @thetootsies

2 thoughts on “Walk the Walk | Charity Single

  1. Oh my goodness I am in tears reading this…I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer aged 41 and feeling pretty overwhelmed. Charlotte’s story has filled me with positivity and hope as I face my first chemo session on Tuesday, with 5 months of treatment beyond that. I am going to keep reading this story in my moments of weakness to remind me of the courage and determination that ultimately brings you out the other side. Thank you xxxxxxx

    1. Heidi, we’re so pleased that Charlotte’s story filled you with positivity. She would love to email you if you would like? You can reach her at evamayjewels@gmail.com We will be thinking of you over the next few months. Not sure where you are based but if you would like to come to a gig when your treatment is over do let us know and we will get you on the guest list. Sending lots of love xxxx

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