Ascot – Day 5 – Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins inspires our final look. The charming, colourful and fun household favourite seemed the ideal choice to round off a sensational week of style, singing, society and sunshine at Royal Ascot. The quintessentially British story, made world famous by Disney, won five Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Julie Andrews, and of course features the delightful animated scene when the carousel horses come to life, springing from the merry go round entering into a race – how very Ascot!


In the same sequence Burt dances with enchanting animated penguins (which happen to be Tootsie Anna’s absolute favourite animal!)

Mary Poppins is one of the best known films for combining live action footage with animation in this way. We are big fans of the blending of the old and the new, as can be heard in our top Tootsie tunes.

The deal was instantly sealed: Day 5 of Royal Ascot 2015 required a Poppins piece de resistance ensemble!

The Dress

We knew we wanted our dress choice to bring a smile to passers by, so we set about finding a fabric that would reflect the animated aspect of Mary Poppins as well as the zingy colours of Bert’s memorable striped blazer. Mary wears full skirts, with this in mind we’ve opted for a similarly flared dress, but have raised the hemline above the nanny’s preferred style, adding a 50s Tootsie twist.


The unusual neckline closes with a feature button; a nod to the practically perfect neatly closed blouse collar, but again with a Tootsie twist.

These dresses are ‘Wendy Lou’  from retro repro designer Lindy Bop.

The Hat

There was no other choice for a sunny Saturday hat than the British classic, the boater! 

We adored Bert’s in the movie and set about to create six replicas using the boaters we wore at Royal Ascot in 2013. Us Tootsie’s love a bit of ‘make do and mend’!

Flo found some beautiful grosgrain in our favourite ribbon shop, V.V.Rouleaux, that matched the dresses perfectly. She sewed it around the hats in stripes, just like Bert’s.

To add a little feminine twist Flo made three cute bows to cover the ribbon join at the back.

In homage to our millinery mentor, Susie Hopkins, she added three orange gems to the centre of the bows. Susie always finishes her marvellous creations with a little Swarovski crystal to catch the eye 😉


It’s Day Five, and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our four years at Ascot, it’s that we need a comfy shoe for the final day!!  Of course we also wanted to remain chic and vintage, so we’ve opted for super useful nude wedge from New Look.


There was nothing more perfect for this look than our faithful Collectif pearls.


You can never count on the English Summer weather so we’ve come today armed with three lovely umbrellas from Fulton. We’re sad we couldn’t have a ‘practically perfect’ duck beak on the handle, but they’ll be ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ if it rains!!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Movie-themed week of outfits here at Royal Ascot; we’ve certainly loved putting each of the looks together with the priceless help of stylist-extraordinaire, Joanna Femi-Ola! We love you Jo! Thank you x


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