Ascot – Day 4 – Armed Forces Day


The fourth day of Royal Ascot is known by many as Armed Forces Day. As well as featuring a host of top races, the day is dedicated to raising funds in aid of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, and the RAF Benevolent Fund.  We’ve loved meeting members of the military, in their incredibly smart and often eye-catching uniforms, over the last few years.  This year we’re making a nod to them with our Day 4 outfits inspired by the hit movie of 1953, ‘From Here to Eternity’.

145x 2014-034 -046




Set in Hawai during WW2, the film tells the tale of three servicemen in the months leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbour. It has since been made into a musical which played in London’s West End until last year.  We’ve mixed genuine military uniform with a fabulous Hawaiian print dress to bring you our very own Tootsie Force look 🙂


Today we are wearing hats made with the inspirational Susie Hopkins. Susie created our rose basket hats that made front page of the papers last year.


We have worked with her for four consecutive years. Susie traditional elegance, and retro je ne sais quoi is irresistible! Susie has recently started teaching millinery courses for aspiring hat makers from her beautiful North London home. With this in mind we decided to work in tandem to make our own Day 4 hats!




Photo Inspiration    

Flo sourced genuine 1940s Garrison army caps and silk flowers from a local warehouse Lavenders of London. We met one sunny afternoon at Susie’s and set to work! The process began by working in pairs to assemble the flowers on our partners hat. We then looked at the contrasting designs and picked the most effective. This was our template for the other five remaining hats!

We enjoy a craft session at Tootsie towers and this was no exception!






Flo chose the tropical flowers to match the fabric of our Victory Parade wrap dresses. The hats capture the essence of today’s film inspiration, From Here To Eternity, perfectly! The dress The lovely folk at Manchester-based Victory Parade sourced a brand new print for our dresses today. They used this fabric, covered in tropical lilies and palms, to make six matching dresses in their very popular ‘Hawaiian’ style. It is truly perfect for the look we had in mind.





Our fabulous friends at Butler and Wilson provided today’s Hawaiian- perfect accessories. Aren’t they fabulous?!


Today we are wearing beautiful New Look red suede pumps. New Look is firm tootsie high street favourite! The style is aptly named Sweetheart… The perfect demure heel high & detailed vamp make these shoes the perfect edition to our From Here To Eternity themed look!



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