Behind the Scenes at Tootsie Towers

There‘s a buzz at Tootsie Towers.  Creativity is blooming, much like the daffodils, and the theme for spring seems to be multitasking!  Luckily there are six of us.

When we meet new people they tend to want to know about behind the scenes details:  six friends singing, styling, writing, reflecting, laughing, lamenting, planning, performing, creating, choreographing, dreaming, developing, travelling, Tootsieing!


Tootsieing tied up in ten points:


1.  We lead synchronised lives:

For planning purposes our calendars are synchronised on our phones so that, despite almost always being together, we know where each other is on those rare occasions when we’re not under one roof: ‘Bombshell – dentist’, ‘Siren – hosting dinner party’, ‘Diva – gig at Roundhouse’.


2. The Thread

When apart we run the band via a six yearlong Facebook thread. Yes, six years worth of life as Tootsie Rollers.


3.  Advice at a click

The Thread isn’t only for Tootsie matters. If in doubt about anything, it has an answer.  Whatever the time of day at least one of the five other Tootsies will respond.

  • Out shopping, which of these two dresses do you prefer?  (Sends two pictures.)
  • There are no trains running!  I’m going to be late!
  • Can anyone recommend a nice coffee shop around Kings Cross?
  • Who’s seen the new play at the Old Vic?


4.  Through thick and thin

We’ve all been through life’s ups and downs: heartbreaks, bereavements, engagements, the list goes on.  Our Tootsie support network is always there.


5.  We know her so well

None of us need ever finish our sentence.  Someone else does it for you.


 6.  A barista’s dream

No discussion is required before a hot drinks order. One Tootsie can order for all without conferring:

  • Earl Grey for The Peach
  • Vanilla latte with a walnut whip on the side for The Poppet
  • Peppermint tea for The Sweetheart


7.  Diary entries / The Holy Grail

Within a diary entry you will find the answer to everything you may need to know for that day.

  • What to wear specified in detail – including earrings, tights, nail varnish, shoes.
  • Where to go.
  • When to be there.
  • How we are getting there.
  • Who we are meeting.
  • What we are singing.
  • Who we are singing for.
  • What time we are singing.


8.  Team troubleshooting

There is an aura referred to by us as ‘The Fear’. It’s a subtle look in a person’s eyes and a rise in the pitch of their voice that gives it away. A Tootsie can sense ‘The Fear’ within 20 seconds of greeting another Tootsie.  You might experience the fear if you have brought the wrong earrings to a gig, or have lost a shoe en route (this has happened). It’s life, things get lost. We have become very good at troubleshooting and solving any problem on the go.


 9.  5 personal shoppers

We know each other’s body shapes, sizes (including underwear and shoes), preferred necklines, waistlines, hemlines, cuts and colours.

We can’t help but think of each other when we’re browsing online or at the shops.


 10.  The Power of Six

6 times more likely there will be cake at work.

6 times more likely there will be a party – tea or otherwise

6 times the ambition

6 times more likely to laugh







Come & roll with us for more retro fun


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