6 Reasons Why We Love Betty Boop

Betty Boop. The cartoon. The woman. The flapper. Animated by the Fleischer Brothers in the 1930s, she remains an incredibly popular figure… Here, The Tootsies discuss why they think she holds such mass appeal.

1. She was animation's first female lead.
Other animation companies were producing girlfriends of lead characters who were usually similar aesthetically to their male counterpart (Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck) but Betty Boop was the first female cartoon to lead her own show!
giphy (3)

2. She was thought to be modelled on a pinup. Actresses of the 1930s where Betty Boop first appeared were glamorous with big eyes and expressive faces to portray the many moods depicted in the silent films of the time. The two most likely candidates were Clara Bow and Helen Kane.

3. She wore what she wanted without apology.
She was a girl dressed in hooped earrings, short dresses and had cleavage on show but actually shunned the sexual advances of men when she wasn't interested giving the sense that she wasn't dressing for the approval of men.

giphy (1)  

4. Incredible jazz musicians of the day played in her cartoons.
They often featured music from jazz legends like Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway

louis a

5. She was a singer
She was a girl with a job! And a talent! High pitched and jazzy, she actually imitated some singers of the jazz era and her songs were often funny.


6. She was animated in the image of a 20s jazz-age flapper. Flappers were a new wave of women in the 1920s. Bobbed hair, short dresses and a love of jazz were not the only characteristics that Betty Boop shared with them. Betty Boop was the first cartoon portrayed as a sexualised woman. Flappers themselves were often berated for their causal views on sex. Betty Boop therefore represented a new era of young ladies.


A new era

There is now a 'Betty Boop' app for the new generation. An addictive game, Dress Betty Boop, that lets you style Betty for differing occasions. It's a joyous race against the clock to dress her in the appropriate outfit and even if you beat the timer, you still may not pass on to the next level if Betty doesn't like the outfit you've chosen. She's a girl who speaks her mind after all and she does so in the form of speech bubbles. Comments on the outfit are witty (on dressing her in a loose pair of white trousers for a cruise she retorted, "I'm not the captain").The 'correct' outfits are indeed stylish, for example, extra points were given for remembering to add matching khaki gloves to her safari outfit. IMG_3117 Betty now enjoys a fun little life it seems, she goes bowling, to the cinema, she travels and goes on safari. The game itself is lots of fun! Like Betty. Forward thinking in many respects for the time she was created, with incredibly risqué subject matters in her surreal cartoons, as time has passed and Betty Boop's world has become ever more acceptable or indeed the world has become more accepting of girls like Betty Boop she remains incredibly popular...


Boop- Oop- A - Doop!
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