Recreating Old Hollywood Images

A huge part of the fun of being in a retro girlband is the dressing up. Here we recreate some images of our favourite Hollywood icons.

1. Tootsie Anna/ Judy Garland


  THE WIZARD OF OZ 1939- The young Judy Garland and Toto (played by Terry the dog).


2. Tootsie Lisa / Rita Hayworth


  GILDA 1946- Rita Hayworth in her famous striptease number. She is drunk and distraught after clashing with her new husband Johnny.

3. Tootsie Meg/ Grace Kelly


 After a glittering theatrical and screen career, Grace Kelly retired from acting at the grand old age of 26 to marry a prince and become Princess of Monaco.

4. Tootsie Khiley/ Ava Gardner


 AVA GARDNER – known for her femme-fatale roles, her life was often as dramatic off screen as it was on.

 5. Tootsie Katy/ Mitzi Gaynor


 MITZI GAYNOR- Training first as a ballerina she was often paired with the great male movie star dancers of the time. Often competing with the other starlet ‘M’s of the time, Marilyn, (Jane) Mansfield… Mitzi recently joked when being compared to Marilyn “I was more talented, I could do more things… But I wasn’t sexy or boobie…I mean I actually had a smaller waist and bigger boobs but… “

 6. Tootsie Flo/ Cyd Charisse


 CYD CHARISSE- The Dancing queen of the 1950s. She dazzled in movies such as Sweet Charity. According to legend, MGM had her legs insured for five million dollars.

Come & roll with us for more retro fun

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Photos by Laura Linck


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