12 Life Hacks for Vintage Girls

1.  Want a glamorous Judy Garland style fringe? Buy yourself a sponge donut, cut it to size, then roll the front section of your hair around it. Watch Tootsie Anna create the look-

2. Bad hair day? A beautifully designed headscarf covers a multitude of sins, and keeps you bang on the vintage trend.


3.  Lipstick bleeding, smudging or only lasting 5 minutes? Line your lips with a pencil liner and then use it to fill in the whole lip area before applying lipstick, blot, then reapply the lipstick immediately. Guaranteed to last longer.


4.  Lipstick on your teeth? Use this little finger trick after you apply to make sure your perfect pout stays put. Close your lips round your finger and draw your finger out- removing any excess lipstick en route!


5. Want longer lasting nails? Invest in a good quick drying top coat and use it! Nails will last much longer- and you can pop it in your handbag & use it to stop ladders in your tights!


6.  Winged Eyeliner causing you a headache? Put a piece of tape along the desired line, to guide the liner to where you want it. Here’s Anna-

7.  And if that doesn’t work, a pair of oversized sunnies will give you an instant vintage facelift. It worked for Jackie O…


8.  Forever losing hair pins? A magnet will help you locate any pins which have gone rogue and found their way to the floor.


9.  Shape wear is your friend. Forget Bridget Jones, our style icons wore corsets and girdles. Even the most slender lady can benefit from a little shape wear- its all about distribution, Ladies.


10.  Don’t wash your hair. Hoorah! A simple tip we can all achieve! But seriously, vintage styling is sooo much easier when your hair has a little extra, erm, texture.


11.  Turn a blemish into a beauty spot with a little help from an eyeliner pencil. Here’s Tootsie Flo to show you how

12.  WE NEED YOUR HELP- Does anyone know a Life Hack to help a Vintage Girl kiss without smudging her lipstick? We’re not going to stop smooching, and we certainly aren’t going to stop wearing lippy. We need your tips! Can you help us?!


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12 thoughts on “12 Life Hacks for Vintage Girls

  1. My Kiss proof lippy routine is as such – Mac lippy (which is often worn by theatre performers as its so long lasting) in their vintage shade. Apply with a lip brush. Then blot, dust on some loose powder, brush off excess. Then reapply with the lip brush. This stays out for me for most meals, most relatively light smooching, and lasts honestly all day!

  2. Reblogged this on Betty Hellkat and commented:
    Half of these I use almost on a regular basis because they’re so easy and stylish, the rest was interesting and new for me. Some I had also done before, but with in a different way than shown here in this post. Check it out.

  3. I use Limecrime or MUA matte velvetines with a stargazer pen lip liner, and never leave a smudge on my wife! Xx

  4. If you want to kiss without smudging LipSense by Senegence is the only way to go it will not budge and you can get all those beautiful vintage shades. You can check out my Facebook page Kissed by Kaz I put them to the test 🙂

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