After The Fall

We all saw it on Wednesday night… Pop icon Madonna falling down the stairs. Backwards. AT….THE…O2! We know you have watched THAT clip multiple times…

What we, The Tootsies, find interesting is that the snippets of Madge being shared & shared again on various forms of social media all stop a matter of seconds after she is back on her feet. We see the panicked fiddling with the ill fated cape’s fastening, the dancers spring into action and….BAM! Madonna is dragged backwards down the stairs. We then see a few petrified dancers help her to her feet, Madonna valiantly adjust the cape and…. End clip.  Meaning end of the story.  End of the humiliation. The joke is done. The end.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What happens next is the inspiring bit… Not only does she get up, she CARRIES ON! She doesn’t limp through the performance, she nails it! Surely THAT’S the story?!


This woman is a living legend. Madonna is a 56 year old woman who has succeeded in the toughest of industries for over 35 years. She has won armfuls of awards including Grammys, Brits and even a Golden Globe for her role as Evita. She continues to reinvent herself & create relevant & contemporary music. How quickly we forget all of that and just enjoy her literally falling on her face.
Why is watching something so horrible considered entertainment? It’s car crash TV! We idolise celebrities- want to look, act and dress like them. However there is NOTHING we love more than watching them fail.  It makes them more human. Their lives more attainable…
We are all missing the point. Everyone falls HOWEVER not everyone gets up & even fewer do it with grace. Failure isn’t about not falling down, it’s about not getting up afterwards. Most of us don’t attempt the mountain just because we are scared of failure. Say we fall? Say it goes horribly wrong? Say we look silly? Best to stay at home, safe & sound. It’s far easier to just observe the circle of shame forced upon others that try. Take a moment to imagine that you have the courage to attempt the impossible & you fail. Miserably! SO WHAT?!
Madonna will get over the Brits;  Naomi Campbell doesn’t give the Vivienne Westwood catwalk tumble another thought;  Lady GAGA is not defined by her MANY on stage disasters; JK Rowling was turned down by 12 publishing houses before Harry Potter was finally released; Oprah Winfrey was demoted from her job as a news anchor as she was deemed unfit for television, now she is one of the most influential women in the world worth over $3 billion. The fear of falling and failure is crippling to most. It completely paralyses progress. However, we believe failure prepares you for the success. Nobody with success can say they got there unscathed and at the first attempt. In fact, we’ll bet that many of those set backs actually helped shape their path to success. So we challenge you to try, fall and see if that takes you somewhere pretty awesome. 
Here are a few of our favourite quotes on the issue…






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