15 Vintage Girl Problems

1. You expect every kiss to be like this…

tiMES S KIss
V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt

gone with the wind kiss
Gone with the Wind
audrey kiss
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2. And every dance to be like this…

fred gif

3. You’re always overdressed.

pink dress

4. You’re still learning to master the art of sleeping in pin curls without being awoken by a stabbing pin.



5. Kirbi-grips; you love them & your partner hates them. You buy a new pack at least once a week – where do they all go?!

bobby pins 2

6. You’re highly flammable. Hairspray is your daily companion.


7. You spend a lot of time with your arms in the air. Who needs the gym when you have an arm toning vintage hairstyling regime?

8. You will never have enough storage space…

Courtesy of the amazing http://www.missvictoryviolet.com

9. You mourn the well dressed man everyday. They can keep ‘The Skinny Jean Wearing Metrosexual’ and ‘Mr Man Bun’ with full beard & denim shirt. Where is ‘Sir Perfectly Tailored Three Piece Suit’ with immaculate hair & pocket square?!

man bun 2


10. You are petrified of the rain* (save the pin curls!)         *unless a Gene Kelly lookalike asks you to dance in it


11. No matter how hard you practise, sometimes you just have a bad ‘cat-eye’ day


12. There are never enough hours in a day.


13. You face the inner turmoil of being a feminist & a vintage lover… Yes, my skirt of choice is pencil.  No, I do not like to be referred to as darling.  Yes, I love so much about the days gone by… The music, the fashion, the hair.  No, I do not want my choices, wage, politics to be limited in anyway. Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

sexist 1 sexist 2



14.  All your style icons are dead. Thank goodness for the retro revival!

icons cartoon15. Your hair doesn’t look quite so hot when you take it out! Sssh 😉

@TootsiePoppet post poodle
Tootsie Anna post bumper bangs
@AnnaTootsie post bumper bangs
Tootsie Khiley post victory roll
@KhileyKoo post victory roll

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Featured image 

Photography Adam Robertson | Styling by Joanna Femi Ola | Dresses by The Pretty Dress Company | Hair by The Painted Lady London | Make Up by Natalie A MUA

19 thoughts on “15 Vintage Girl Problems

  1. Number 13, OMG yes! No, I do not feel I was ‘born in the wrong time’, I like having a well paid job, the vote, and The Pill! Wearing a tailored coat and a tilt hat does not mean I don’t appreciate central heating and Beyonce!

  2. Reblogged this on flyingwithAnj and commented:
    During my first year at uni I went through a vintage I Love Lucy phase. All of these summed up my daily rituals and not to mention refusing to wear boots because they are too modern no matter how much it was raining outside haha.

  3. I was just thinking about number 13 today! I love so many things about the past but deep down I ‘d hate to live back then! We’ve come a long way but no reason why we can’t pinch their best bits while leaving the bad stuff behind 🙂

  4. Loving number 9…amen sisters! Can we add “wearing vintage in Israel and everyone thinks you are super religious because you look modest”

  5. 1) You love vintage, Mum doesn’t and wishes you’d wear more normal stuff
    2) You never have enough red nail polishes. Even though I have about six!
    3) Petticoats seem to be too big, too long or too short so you need a selection
    4) That circle skirt was perfect until you get out of the car!

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  7. Aah, so true! NUMBER 9 THOUGH!! Ugh, I can’t tell you how many times I have said those exact same words! And I relate to the others too, being overdressed, sleeping in pin curls, having unrealistic expectations for my love life….

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